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ECinema Reminder

Just a Reminder that time is running out to view the current technology
demonstrations of ECinema. Demonstrations are running in 3 theaters in
each Los Angeles and New York(New Jersey).  Showing end this Thursday,
July 15, 1999.  Two different films are showing.

Star Wars-Phantom Menace - Lucas/20th Century Fox
        Los Angeles
        Hughes-JVC - Pacific's Winnetka
        Texas Instruments - AMC's Burbank 14

        New York(New Jersey)
        Hughes-JVC - Lowe's Cineplex Odeon, Paramus
        Texas Instruments - Loew's Meadows 6, Secaucus

An Ideal Husband - Miramax  - Both Locations with Hughes-JVC projection
        Los Angeles - Laemmle's Sunset 5
        New York - Clearview Chelsea 9

A lot has been said and discussed about the screenings of Phantom
Menace.  A better example of what we might expect from ECinema are the
showings of "An Ideal Husband" from Miramax.  The reason I say this is a
better example is the film element used for the telecine transfer is
strictly of a photochemical nature.  A timed inter positive one
generation from the camera negative was used.  No electronic scanning
and electronic compositing of opticals and effects.  This is strictly a
real film movie.  And a great story from Oscar Wilde with great acting.
What a concept for a feature today--no computer generated characters,
explosions or car chases.

Tom Nottingham of Complete Post-Hollywood did the telecine transfer on a
Spirit telecine to D5-HD.  The theater showings are playing back
directly from a D5-HD VTR with AC-3 Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel sound
contained on an AES pair Audio track.  This then goes to an external
AC-3 decoder for processing.  The HD telecine images are playing back as
1920 pixels x 1080 lines for a 1:85 to 1 aspect ratio.

>From my viewing I observed  a much better image than the same film
playing as regular film projection in another theater in the same
Laemmle complex..  The color was terrible (yellow highlights and cyan
lowlights) on the film image.  And the projector had some of the worse
vertical jump that I have observed in a LA theater.  A friend compared
several days latter with the same observations..  In other words no body
cared or fixed the film projector problem.  In the theater with the
electronic projection set in the very back of the theater to get far
enough from the screen to be a least 2 picture heights away.  Screen is
too large for the depth of the theater.  There are beautiful images with
wonderful close ups in this English period feature of the late 1800's.

So go see these screenings.  Yes history is being made.  Time will tell
if there are technical and business reasons for world wide acceptance of
this new technology.

Regards, Bill Hogan

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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