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Re: Vid-to-film Reverse 3-2

At 06:50 PM 7/13/99 -0400, Robert Lund wrote:
>Could someone provide any references and/or links to info on converting 30
>video to 24 fps film. Is 1 field out of 5 always simply dropped,

I assume Robert is asking about 30fps video (60 field interlaced) that
contains unique content in each field. Of course the case of film on 30fps
video just requires dropping the redundant field (the 3 in the 3:2 cadence)
to revert to 24fps progressive scanned pictures. 

The conversion of 60 fields to 24 frames should require all the tricks of
real time standards conversion with motion detection and vertical filtering
to create a new, suitable frame. 
David Tosh <dlt at earthlink.net>
Engineer, Complete Post Hollywood, CA USA

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