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Re: Ursa Traction Supply Question

Michael writes:

>This is pointed particularly at the engineering sector of the group
>regarding Cintel Ursa's with Metaspeed, Twiggy and Digiscan.
>We have had several instances of the traction power supply failing in our
>machines.  It seems as though this supply is overloaded and in current
>limiting. We cannot get a full 5V out of any of the supplies at the servo
>racks.  [...]

Hi Michael,

What you describe sounds rather unusual for an Ursa.  It's been my
experience that the Ursa-style power supplies are quite robust and rarely
give trouble even on machines that have aftermarket upgrades installed.

I'd suggest that putting in heavier, non-Cintel power supplies might treat
the symptom, but not necessarily the problem(s).

Best regards,
Christopher Bacon

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