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Pandora Thoughts

Hello all.
Recently I had the privledge to demo a Pogle Mega Def. I had the chance to see it at the Phillips office in LA as well as Riot in Santa Monica.  I have to say I was extremely impressed with the power of the box. It siwtched between Standard Def, HD, and Data modes flawlessly.  Of particular interest to me was its robust Spirit interface, and the video path in which Mega Def works with a Spirit. There are some obvious advantages to being upstream. Mega Shapes was also impressive in concept, though it needed some work.  One day it will be a great creative, problem solving tool. While I am scheduled to demo a 2K very soon, I am interested in hearing from Pogle users about their impressions of the product and the current state of the Pandora company. I am particularly interested in service because there appears to be no direct midwest rep.......
Thanks to Seamus, Phillips, Riot, Bob Festa, Bill Swilley and the Pandora gang, for a great oppurtunity to view a truly powerful tool.
Please email me privately with responses.
I do not work for any manufacturer, and speak freely of my own mind and opinion.
Craig Leffel