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Davinci counter at 30 fps

Hello all.
I have a really simple question about the Davinci counter, but first here's a little story;
I recently did a job with 30,000 feet of 35mm shot and transferred at 30 fps. The dailies were done logically with corresponding rolls and hours 1 thru 23 and then the count starting over at 1:30:00:00 at roll 24.  I was doing the final selects on the Spirit, counting at 30 fps on Davinci ( speed and environment set) and when I went to type in 20 hours, Davinci wouldn't take my count. I tried for a while to repeat the action of typing in a simple number like I had been doing all day, but to no avail. After much hunting and phone calling, by the next morning I found out that when working this way, by 20 hours in,   the Spirit's count thinks you're somewhere around 23:45:00:00.  As Davinci will no longer roll the count over the way it used to -- I was stuck. I was informed that this problem was found 2 years ago at GTN in Detroit. ( Could be complete hearsay, I have no idea).  It was also suggested to me that I copy my session and delete rolls, then re-label hour 20 as something else.......
While everyone in the country may already know this "feature" ( I'm fairly new to a DUI),  I couldn't find any documentation about this, and while I may be the last one to know -- it didn't make me happy.
So here's my question -- Since the answers I received are what I would consider unacceptable from both Davinci and Phillips, does anyone have a practical suggestion?  Keep in mind that this project was a "find the selects in 30 rolls of film" job, and I really might like to have access to my corrections anywhere from roll 1 thru 19. If I were to copy and delete, I would most likely lose something I needed ( and did).
The concept of multiple lists is an amazing advancement of the computer age. I think Database, graphics, and word processing software has been able to work with this concept for at least 10 years. It's just data folks !!  Has anyone been able to figure out how to copy part of a list and paste into another one?  Ooops, copy and paste is another one of those crazy desktop computer ideas........
Like I said, maybe I'm way behind here, but somebody throw me a bone  --  it shouldn't be that difficult to have a counter keep up.
All my standard disclaimers -- blah blah blah
Craig Leffel