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Re: Davinci counter at 30 fps

At 11:24 PM 7/15/1999 -0500, Craig Leffel wrote:
...deletia....As Davinci will no longer roll the count over the way it used to -- I was stuck.

Craig, can you do the job under film footage? I've entered over sixty 1000+ reel starts with no problems. I assume that youre running in 'Cine mode' re-generating code from the gate tach. So your reel starting event in the daVinci is only for color correction reuse.

While everyone in the country may already know this "feature" ( I'm fairly new to a DUI),  I couldn't find any documentation about this, and while I may be the last one to know -- it didn't make me happy.

Documentation!!! I'm sure if you searched high and dry, you might find a couple of year old Kevin Shaw Renaissance manual. A DUI or NUI manual with factual current information is just a dream. Dont even ask Pandora for anything printed since 1980. Although I will say that Pandoras web information is far superior to daVinci's. Is it asking too much for a current HTML manual on a manufacturers website without password protection? Give me a linked bit of information over a dated printed manual anyday.

Ahhh...thats better.



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