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Re: TI/DLP projector screening at Burbank AMC14

Eric Mercer and I must have been standing side by side after the 7:20 P.M. 
showing, as it was I who asked the 30 FPS/24FPS question regarding telecine 
(Spirit) to display conversion (interlaced to progressive). The crowd was 
thick after the feature indeed in the lobby.

My family and I sat midway as the theater filled up fairly well for the 7:20 
P.M. showing. First impression was that the trailers before the show were 
noticeably sharper than the movie itself. However, the entire feature was 
near flawless, with good color, very little weave, bright, corner to corner 
flat light display, and very little dirt. I did observe the dark, clipped 
black scenes, especially the one on the porch at night. Because of the almost 
stationary, weave less projection, I observed jumps at splice points from 
camera to camera (those of us in editing usually want to jog over those spots 
to confirm what we think or thought we saw). No color timing errors, just a 
slight shift or twist of the picture at cuts (splice) points. Some vertical 
perforations in the screen, from center to right side, could be visible on 
bright scenes. After the movie, I went up to the screen and observed the 
vertical seams where I saw them during the movie. Also, the screen was very 
dirty and dust ridden. Perhaps the picture could have been even sharper and 
brighter had the screen not had a layer of dust. Only observed a couple of 
what seemed to be digital hits or errors, very short and minor. Others who I 
conferred with after the feature confirmed that the colors were much better 
here that on the non-electronic display. My family enjoyed the show, and saw 
nothing out of the ordinary in a negative way, and were first time viewers of 
the feature, as was I.

So, if it looks this good now at the start of electronic projection, I can 
only imagine how good it can get in the future. 


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