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Tarzan to Screen Digitally

And Now the Lastest News in the Digital Projection of Motion Pictures:
(From Daily Variety of Today, July 16, 1999.)  I don't usually post full articles
and I know that it might be frowned on but here it is anyway.

                              With "Star Wars: Episode I — The
                              Phantom Menace" and "An Ideal
                              Husband" winding down their runs as the
                              only major digitally projected pics in
                              theaters, Disney is ready to swing
                              "Tarzan" into the mix.

                              Beginning July 30, pic will screen at three
                              venues — AMC’s Pleasure Island
                              multiplex at Walt Disney World in Florida,
                              AMC’s Media Center North 6 in Burbank
                              and the Edwards Irvine Spectrum
                              complex — using Texas Instruments’ DLP
                              Cinema projection technology.

                              Animated pic becomes the first major
                              release to have been produced,
                              mastered and projected digitally.

                              "Menace" and "Ideal Husband" were both
                              shot on film and were only projected
                              digitally. "Menace" ends its run Sunday.

                              With "Tarzan," Disney becomes a major
                              supporter of digital projection. "Ideal
                              Husband" was released by Miramax.

                              "We look forward to more filmmakers and
                              exhibitors embracing these techniques,"
                              Phil Barlow, executive veep of Walt
                              Disney Motion Pictures Group, said in a
                              statement. "Disney’s technology experts
                              have done a tremendous job in preparing
                              for and embracing this exciting new form
                              of exhibition. These engagements
                              represent the starting point for an exciting
                              new era in moviegoing."

                              "Tarzan" has grossed more than $130
                              million since its release.

So the experiment continues.
Regards, Bill Hogan
Sprocket Digital

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