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SPIRIT/POGLE-Third Anniversary

The following is an open note of congratulations to the TIG subscribers
from Kodak, Philips, and Pandora. It is not intended as a marketing message.

Today marks the Third Anniversary of the installation of "SPIRIT DATACINE"
Serial #1 at the Tape House Advanced Imaging Center, New York.

I would like to extend a personal thank-you to the "SPIRIT" development
team, engineers, fabricators, management, marketers, and field support at
Kodak, Philips for a job well done. Congratulations also to my friends at
Pandora for providing the perfect interface "POGLE / MEGADEF.

The "SPIRIT / POGLE" combination has enabled me to meet the diverse imaging
needs of my clients without compromise and their absolute reliability has
relieved most of the stress of sessions. My body, mind and soul thank you.

My late friend Ansel Adams stated "The negative is the score and the print
is the performance". I have the tools to produce the best performances of
my career.

I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and collaboration
between these companies and myself, a happy customer.

John J. Dowdell III
VP Spirit DATACINE Director
Tape House Advanced Imaging Center
New York City

Thanks to Rich Torpey for support in 1999
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