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Re: reverse 3:2 vid to film...

There are several ways to achieve this, all work the same.

Using a Quantel Henry (the function first appeared on NTSC Harry) there is
a function called cine compress, the user identifies the first flicker frame
of the sequence (not neccesarily the first frame of the clip) selects the
function, picks up the flicker frame and places it down on the desktop. The
resulting clip gives you back the original 24 film frames.
Flame has a similar function called film compress which works in the same

They also have complmentary functions called cine expand/film expand which
allow you to make video footage 3:2 to track into film transfer footage.

Now both of these solutions are far from suitable for long form work unless
you have a lot of patience, a lot of time, and of course a lot of money.

in the old days it was  feasible to simulate 3:2 pulldown on video footage
through an ADO by writing a 3 keyframe move freezing and unfreezing the
input, then running it in loop mode over 2 frames... It must be possible
therefore to reverse the effect by playing a vtr at 125% through a DVE
freezing each input frame for a frame. No idea if it works but its worth a
test before visiting flame.

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