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Mike Orton: 40th anniversary

The following is an open note of congratulations to me from myself for
having survived 40 years, 17 of them in this business. It is also intended
as a marketing message, since I'm still theoretically freelance.

Last September 28th marked the Fortieth Anniversary of the me being alive
on this planet. I know it's a bit late to post this, but I've been very
busy this last 10 months, and never really got around to posting until now.
I am serial #1 of one, and likely to remain so. I dont anticipate 100 of me
or even 150 of me. I think we all agree that one is quite enough.

I would like to extend a personal thank-you to the obs. and gyne. people at
Blackpool General Hospital, England who assisted in my birth, together with
the dedicated team of parents, teachers, professors, colleagues, friends
(yes, more than one), enemies, and employers who have nurtured me and put
up with me all this time. Thanks for a job well done. Congratulations also
to my wife for providing the perfect interface.

The "ORTON / ORTON" combination has enabled me to meet the diverse needs of
myself without compromise and my wife's absolute reliability has
relieved most of the stress of being in this bloody industry. My body, mind
and soul thank you.

My late friend Drew Marsh stated "If you cant get a bite, you're not
baiting your hook properly". I never really understood what this meant. And
I think Drew was wasted at the time he said it, anyway.

I am looking forward to many more years of drinking and rowdy behavior with
everyone on the TIG, paid for by these companies, and benefiting myself, a
happy customer.

Yours in irreverence

Mike Orton
VP and General Manager of myself and no-one else, right now.

Thanks to Manny Cervantes for support in 1999
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