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Re: Mike Orton: 40th anniversary

Hey you guys, what a brilliant users group the TIG is! Not only do I get
fan mail telling me that [insert name here] hasn't laughed so hard in
years; I also get very sincere birthday wishes for *last September*,
together with offers to buy me serious brewskis to mark the occasion.

To the latter group: Guys, I really appreciate the many offers which have
"poured" in for brewskis etc etc., and believe me, I'll be taking you all
up on them.

But... can I suggest that you read previous postings on the TIG before
responding so generously to my self-congratulatory missive??

Mike (the joke's on you) Orton

Free Beer: Is this a great country or what?

Thanks to Manny Cervantes for support in 1999
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