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Re: SPIRIT/POGLE-Third Anniversary

On 1999-07-18 at 17:19, John J. Dowdell III (jdowdell at interport.net) wrote:

> The following is an open note of congratulations to the TIG
> subscribers from Kodak, Philips, and Pandora. It is not intended as a
> marketing message.

> I would like to extend a personal thank-you to the "SPIRIT" development
> team, engineers, fabricators, management, marketers, and field support at
> Kodak, Philips for a job well done. Congratulations also to my friends at
> Pandora for providing the perfect interface "POGLE / MEGADEF.

John, though you disclaim partially in the first sentence, you don't
divulge completely your relationship with the manufacturers.  A simple
formula serves, and mentioned here by me often, that such messages
touting products shall divulge the author's relationship with the
manufacturers.  If you're compensated by them then we need to know
that your words will be understood as partial.  The colorists in
far-flung climes may not be aware of certain relationships...  so, as
a closing statement for your post, you could have added "I am employed
occasionally by Philips and by Pandora to market their products.
Therefore this message must be understood in that light".

TIG admin

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