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re: Monitors/Display devices

The city where I began my career, Chicago, and the city where I currently work, Boston, have been left out of the E-Cinema demos so far.  So, I'm relying on my friends and colleagues to fill me in on their observations.  Could someone please recap the Star Wars E-Cinema tech stuff in a concise table or "blurb" including ALL fun-facts. i.e.. Telecine, video format, tape format(s)--master & playback, "scanned" resolution vs. display resolution, aspect ratio, screen size, etc., etc.  I'm most interested in whether the "film" has been displayed at 24FPS (and at what refresh rate?)?  Hughes/JVC vs. TI/DLP? Are they stacking 2 or more for brightness?  At NAB 2 yrs ago I saw very good looking large screen video projection.  I saw two "problems": 1) If you get too close to the screen the pixels become too obvious -- is there a recommended minimum viewing distance for these systems relative to screen height?  and 2) temporal/motion artifacts caused by 60 fields/sec display -- are we ever going to get 24fps progressive video at 72Hz or something better??

Also, along with this discussion on new monitoring in the theater... I wonder what people are doing and/or thinking of doing for monitoring in the telecine suite.  I'm using the "standard" Sony Evergreen 20" BVM-20G.  I have been disappointed for awhile that "broadcast evaluation" monitors have failed to keep up with the consumer monitors in terms of size.  Is it really cost prohibitive to have larger monitors?  There has been some discussion that if we are going to show movies on these large projection systems that while color correcting/transferring we ought to look at a similar display device.  I believe we should have and should be doing this for TV too.  I think most folks now look at TVs that are 27" to 35" and larger.  I found a SMPTE viewing standard stating that "optimal viewing distance is 5 +/-1 times of the screen height."  A 20" mon. is barely 12" high; so 5'-6' to ones' eye balls.  How many telecine suites have both the colorist and more importantly their clients sitting this close?  Certainly no one has two "matched" monitors in the suite... do they?  As we all get excited for "high def," the increased resolution should be exploited and enjoyed on LARGER displays.  I contine to be very disappointed in monitor sizes for these new formats too.  Most 16:9 "evaluation" monitors are still smaller than the letterboxed screen area of one's home TV.  Can't we have larger monitors in the telecine suite?  Will/can they be CRT, Plasma, Projection (front or rear), etc. ????

Greg Dildine
Senior Colorist
Finish - Boston
P.S. I just wanted to thank my clients, suppliers and friends as we have just celebrated our six (6) month anniversary of offering high-end telecine (Diamond w/ ITK "stuff") and color correction (DV Dui) in Boston here at Finish!

Thanks to Manny Cervantes for support in 1999
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