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transferring super tv


I don't think you would have any trouble as the aspect ratio is the same as
televisions 4:3 aspect ratio. However having a larger image area does not
make the scanned TV image sharper. The image resolution is limited by the
number of scan lines, pixels and the bandwidth of the system as well as
many other factors. 

The film Super 35mm camera photographs an image that is 0.980" x 0.735".
Going beyond that will result in "Who-Knows-What" because there isn't
anymore image beyond that. Film is projected with an aperature that is less
than the camera aperature so that correctly made splices, accumulated dust
and dirt will be hidden behind that projection aperature. For Super 35mm
that is 0.945" x 0.709" for a 1.33:1 aspect ratio or 96% of the film image.
Anything less is okay but not recommended. Follow the SMPTE recomended
practices and you won't get into trouble. 

Creatively speaking though, you may use all or part of the image on the
film. It's your call. Remember your only talking a few percent and the TV
image sharpness will look the same anyway. Film can resolve much greater
detail than any telecine can output at this time. (Data scans not included.
That's another story.)

Jim Mendrala
Real Image Digital

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