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Field dominance.

We have a situation where the our telecine will get itself out of step with
the station and the dominance will be inverted.  Another problem is that the
grades will be 1 frame early or late, although the Mona Lista is correct.
Sometimes both happen at once.  We have taken the o/p directly from the
Spirit and found the dominance to be wrong there.
One fix is to turn off the daVinci mainframe only, without even closing DUI
or the session, turn it on, wait for RTC to reconnect and all is ok till it
decides to do this again.
To turn off the 02 and the daVinci will not cure the problem.
Calling up known good sessions even as Site when in the faulty state, will
not correct the dominance problem.  
A Spirit has in it's local panel a genlock setting which is always at 0.
The daVinci sessions are ones which have been used before and are correct.
Genlock for the suite is black & burst from our SPG.
If someone has seen this before and has any ideas please let me know.  At
the moment we have no idea where to look.

Ivor Westpfahl
The Video Lab
South Africa
27 11 886 4141 (Office)
27 82 554 8016 (cell)

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