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Re: I need information

All who can help Ricardo are welcome to contact him directly, please
not on the TIG, thank you.  Translator programs appear to need a
little development yet.

Incidentally, alegria.com had 9 hrs of downtime today and perhaps 6
yesterday, due to erroneous disconnect orders through Southwestern
Bell (it's an upgrade not a disconnect).  But the TIG has been fairly


On 1999-08-03 at 16:51, rlopezg (rlopezg at epm.net.co) wrote:

Soy Ricardo León López G. y tengo una pequeña empresa dedicada a todo lo
relacionado con video y estoy muy interesado en adquirir el equipo
necesario para realizar transfer de cine a video y/o video a cine. 

Es por esto que les solicito  información completa y detallada sobre sus
equipos en cuanto a calidad y precios.

Quedo en espera de su respuesta.


Ricardo León López G
Producciones Vista Video
Medellín, Colombia
Telefax (57) (4) 2845236
Telefono (57) (4) 2540767
rlopezg at epm.net.co

I am Ricardo Leon Lopez G. and I have a small company dedicated to all the
related one to video and very am interested in acquiring the equipment
necessary to make to transfer of cinema to video and video to cinema. It is
by that I ask for information complete and detailed on its equipment as far
as quality and prices to them. I am awaiting its answer. 
Escuseme the English but is a translation on the basis of a program
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