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If you wait long enough fashion just repeats

This was sent to me recently and the irony struck me. 
Usual disclaimer.  I have no direct affiliation with the company enclosed and dont receive any consideration for the product.

For Immediate Release

DigiEffects Ships CineLook AVX for Avid
Media Composer and Xpress

San Francisco, CA - (8/8/99)
DigiEffects, based in Austin, Texas, today announces that it is shipping CineLook AVX for Avid ....
.....CineLook Broadcast has highly advanced stock matching capabilities that add grain to video to match any film stock available. Grain can be added either to the red, green and blue channels separately or to 3 different brightness layers to more accurately emulate any desired type of film stock, both those that are currently available and those that have not yet been invented. You can save all settings as a preset, or modify existing presets. Another strength of this process is that 3D footage can now be accurately matched to film stocks, an important step forward in the attempt to have 3D imagery blend seamlessly with video and film footage.

ChromaMatch is the color matching portion of CineLook Broadcast based on a color curve manipulation system. Each of the curves has been provided with 7 possible points for changing the value of the color in a highly accurate manner. Users can choose both hue, saturation and brightness controls and red, green and blue color controls in the interface. Because it is possible for users to push the colors of their video into colors that are out of the NTSC safe gamut, there is also a built-in "show unsafe colors" option in the interface.......
.......CineLook AVX also provides a very sophisticated frame blending process and 3:2 pulldown simulation to give the more slurred and organic look that film's 24 frames per second generates.
This is the best comment.......

CineLook Broadcast also adds a unique film-artifact generator called FilmDamage. FilmDamage allows any video producer to add duotone, dust, hair, dirt, scratches, flicker, uneven focus, film sprocket jitter and even a trapped hair to create a more realistic film appearance. FilmDamage uses both algorithmically created and digitized material to create its simulation. FilmDamage completes the full simulation of film.
Rod Sommerich