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My travels

Hello and good tidings to all.

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for their advice and patience during my quest for better color correction. The private debates have been civil, informative, and assuring that I am not the only one feeling what I have voiced in this forum. 

I recently returned from a trip to the Davinci factory where I was invited to check out a 2K for a decent amount of time. Without getting too long winded, I will just say that I was impressed with what I saw. In my opinion, The box is coming along well. There are some intriguing possibilities that the 2K will provide. One of the most alluring is the ability to divide power tiers into serial and parallel paths. Have it look at the "correction" before it, or "look back" at a "base level" correction. The power tiers are not quite ready to go it seems, but in concept the possibilities are endless. Secondary isolation is impressive as well. The ability to isolate a color based on all previous criteria as well as chroma and luminance is huge. A little late in coming, but huge none the less. Isolation softness is variable and impressive.  Copying and pasting scenes from one list to another has been addressed as well, and it looks pretty intuitive for a Davinci user ( for those of you paying attention, this made me very happy).  In concept, the 2K will output an HD stream AND a 601 stream via a downconverter that's not quite ready to go. Soon to be ready, I could have used this yesterday.  TLC is making progress. Defocus board is making progress as well. I asked for user-definable boards ( tiers). there is quite a lot of power there, and I think users should able to configure how they want it. I'm no engineer, but with that power available, why try and build one solution for so many different colorists?  Monetary reasons aside,  that kind of creative support of the folks in the chairs would be monumental.  The colorist's toolbox is still out there as an idea that's past due. They say it's coming. This should be available to customize as well in a multitude of formats, at least to my way of thinking. 

Operationally, the box seems to be getting better with it's Spirit interface. The folks at Davinci and Phillips have finally cleared the sandbox and figured out how to play with each other. Sounds like each company will be getting equipment for R & D. The folks at Davinci seem very eager to get to it. We all know that the Germans will wonder how anyone could have a problem with such a perfectly engineered piece of machinery, but maybe they will figure out that they've got some real issues to fix as well. That concept of every Spirit is the same everywhere, it makes perfect pictures, it's just all the other gear-- blah, blah, blah, is not as solid as you might think.....

The 2K also seems more stable from a crash and RTC disconnect point of view. Although it was a short visit, and a non-real post environment, it seemed stable. 

All in all, a good visit. My thanks to Dave Catt, Peter Glassberg, Tony Fox, and all the folks at Davinci for their help and legal advice.

Well, it's either been a really busy summer ( VERY true here in Chi-town) or all of you are out windsurfing, babewatching, fishin', or gettin drunk on the beach ( good for you)..... because this thing is dead.... I know this forum comes and goes -- but there is a lot happening out there - everybody I talk to is freaked out about HD/Data/hi-res/24p/compression,  you name it.  Anyone willing to share tales from the front? the decisions people are making right now are some of the hardest in the last 10 years.... doesn't anyone have something else to add besides all the engineering yap yap?

Anyone seen a SONY telecine in action lately? what's the scoop?

Anyone got real HD i/o's working on their Fire/Inferno/Flame etc.?  

OK, so don't share -- at least tell a good gettin' D-runk tale.......

As usual, I work for no one. My thoughts are my own.  At least the last time I saw them all......

Happy knob twisting and ball diddling,

Craig Leffel  ( for the Germans - that's loeful (sp?), and yeah, I know it means spoon)

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