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RE: My travels

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                          9:14 PM                           8/17/99
                      RE: [TIG] My travels

Craig Leffel wrote:
>I recently returned from a trip to the Davinci factory where I was invited
>to check out a 2K for a decent amount of time. Without getting too long winded, I

Thanks Craig for an up to date report. It is good to hear from someone who has been to the factory, away from the convention floor. Good report.

Question, we just got a Spirit a month ago and will need to upgrade our 8:8:8 for HD and Data. The Pandora system seems to be better in that it is connected between racks two and three ahead of the Spacial Processor. It tracks windows, has a pure 14 bit RGB input, etc.

I am of the understanding that the Davinci 2k will only work downstream. I think I am correct in that the 2K takes 4x2 and 4x4 or 8x8 from the Spirit output and corrects from there on.

Did they happen to say when the HIPPI Data input and output will be fully working and if they are going to write software to transfer the data to arrays, as the Phantom Engine software does from Philips?

We have several clients that seem to want to do 2K data from the Spirit. Some seem to want to correct HD in 2K Data mode and then convert down to 1080I, etc. Our
Infernos will take 2K data and deal with it, so we do have a strong interest in 2K data color correction with the Spirit.

The Pandora solution seems better electronically, yet the LA crowd does like their DaVincis. We have had both Pandora ESRs and DaVinci 8:8:8s in the same building, so our Colorists have their own opinions about which is best or at least easiest to use.

We just want to make the best choice for now and the future. Any comments?

We do not get compensation from either company, we just buy expensive color correctors from them.

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