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Re: D-Cinema Tarzan-Monday August 2

Opinion on the Tarzan screening:

I thought the visual quality was great.  Tarzan being a high quality animation-
pure digital 'film resolution' to e-cinema resolution,  it looked bright and
clean.  Despite that the TI DLP projector only has 1280x1024 resolution it
looked sharp from my seat which was about 3/4 the way back. During the credits
I got much closer to the screen and the steadiness was apparent, but image
quality dropped as the text looked soft. The lack of grain was immediately
noticeable, but that was pleasing to me not objectionable.  My comparison is to
the film version I saw at the El Capitan about a week previous.  The sound at
the El Capitan was superior to that of the Burbank AMC, but I think that has to
do more with the differences in the sound systems than the quality of the sound
data, can't say for sure though.  Based on the Tarzan screening I say there is
no question that the projector quality is high enough to replace film, as long
as you don't sit too close to the screen but that is not good with film
either.  The quality issues now seem to be in the converting and compressing
the data for electronic projection.  The playback systems used for these
current market tests do not seem practical for approximately 35,000 screens in
this country.  (Bill Hogan tells us that the playback system is a Pluto 360 Gig
RAID, that contains 20, 18 gig drives.

-Rob Luciano

Mike (the Brit) Orton wrote:

> >For all those in the LA area a number of us are going to the Monday,
> >August 2nd  8 PM presentation  of the Digital Cinema Showing of Disney's
> >Tarzan.
> For those of us who were out of town, or unable to attend, how about a
> brief summary and personal opinions about the showing?
> Mike
> ---

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