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Re: My travels

    Hi All!
     Thanks Craig for the post.  It has indeed been busy for me; I've
noticed the scant TIG mail lately as well and I hope everyone else out
there is doing well!

Dennis Morton wrote:
> Question, we just got a Spirit a month ago and will need to upgrade
> our 8:8:8 for HD and Data. The Pandora system seems to be better in
> that it is connected between racks two and three ahead of the Spacial
> Processor. It tracks windows, has a pure 14 bit RGB input, etc.

     The way I understood it was that the racks 2 and 3 installation
does indeed have some good concepts, especially in regard to easier
window tracking.  But the installation of the color corrector at that
point in the chain (so to speak!) also limits its applications to only
operate with the Spirit.  Thus it cannot be used in tape-to-tape
situations as well.
     While there may be a bit of an image improvement with the corrector
hard wired into the telecine, there is also a loss in flexibility.  And
I doubt there would be a very significant difference in the image
quality between the two types of systems.  At these levels of resolution
we should be working with a pretty clean signal.
Best wishes,
Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post & Transfer, Cherry Hill NJ

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