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Re: [A & B roll]

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... OR Give the rolls to a Neg. cutter and have him create a auto-comform
EDL. Then transfer the rolls to separate
tapes and mate them together in the edit room later OR do a best lite transfer
on the A&B,then mate them in the edit room....

Jim Mann
Freelance Colorist

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Jim- It was all sounding so easy up to the point of mating them in an
edit room.  Can today's neg cutters give EDLs that will guarantee no
black fields or missing fields?  The reason is of course that in a 
film edit (A-B), no attention need paid to 3:2 sequence, but after
a transfer, using a video editor that only edits F1 *OR* F2 dominant
will invariably cut where the A or B roll is in leader or els skip fields.

I actually wrote software about 1.28 aeons ago* for a one-off project doing
the exact same thing.  The software created an EDL stah conformed to the
SMPTE specs (not Sony or CMX).  SMPTE EDLs allow each edit, in fact each
IN and OUT point, to have independent field dominance.

(*yeah, and I wrote it in BASIC for DOS!)

The softawre worked but the project bogged down in 2 ways:  First, the only
editor I could find that actually handled a proper SMPTE EDL was the Accom
Axial.  No problem, I had one.  But the second problem was that no VTR at
the time could accept and properly handle the field dominance commands.
The Sony DVR-2100 claimed to, but in practice failed miserably... wonder
if they ever bothered to fix that. 

In any event, I would just warn the editor that a lot of manual checking
of the edits would be in order, unless the neg cutter has ways of circum-
venting this problem.

"Trust the computer industry to shorten "Year 2000" to Y2K. It was
this kind of thinking that caused the problem in the first place."
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