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More stuff to discuss...

Thanks to Craig for the update.  Did you get any info about current Dui 888 code/hardware??  I'd like a few things to work better with the current systems we've all spent good money for before ante-ing up for the next box.  What do folks think about their current daVinci systems??  What version of code are people running??  I'm still only running 3.92 w/ "new" panels connected to a Diamond.  What happened to 4.x?  Anybody with new panels been complaining about machine control? The jog wheel that's there (Yea; we all asked for it) is useless.  Did 4x address this???  I have more questions for the group regarding DV, but I don't want to appear too negative.  I've been a loyal DV guy since day one.  Oops, sorry, one more thing: I'm tired of DV's excuse for current support being "they're too busy building the new box."  Has anyone else been bothered by their priorities?   There are going to be a lot of loyal 888 users for a long time before everyone gets their pennies together for their 2K.  Craig has Spirit/888 interface problems for example that I undersand to be behind getting the Sprit to interface with 2K... Poggle-people question:  Can anyone describe Poggle windowing by comparing it directly to DV Power Windows?  

Also, like Craig, I've been trying to spark some discussion this summer.  No one but Dave Corbitt responded to my July 20th posting about monitors.  I know this has been discussed in the past, but I thought with all the interest in e-cinema we would all be thinking more about that SMALL monitor we work in front of everyday!  Please check the archives via "Monitors/Display device" from 7/20/99.

With those e-cinema critiques can we please get all the technical info into the post.  Frames per second??  Progressive??? Interlaced???  Original transfer telecine and video/data recorder?  Is there any compression?? I believe that the theater folks are imagining "beaming" "prints" to theaters.  Once we're past the testing.  How is that disk array going to be filled.  If it's "beamed" will the data be subjected to compression to fit down the "pipe?"  Has this been address by any of the e-cinema system designers?  It would be great to pair up the subjective comments with the hardware so we can compare apples to apples.  Thanks... out here in Boston we can't get our own eyeballs on this stuff yet.

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston

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