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Hello people at TIG:

  I would like to know if anybody has experience about working with an MNR 11
  noise reducer in NTSC. We do some jobs in NTSC -we rather work in PAL- and
  we found it does not work the same than in PAL and we can not clean many
  I read MNR 11 and it seems the only different thing I have to activate to
  in NTSC is PULLDOWN in SETUP menu -I set it to LEVEL 0 because we are
  working with a digital source-. I have found that sometimes it does not clean
  all the fields of a film frame -specially 3 fields frames-, and it seems
it sometimes
  repeat some field. Can anybody from NTSC world give some advice to someone
  from PAL world?.

  Bets regards.

		Javier Lopez

Avda de los Madronos 25
    28043 MADRID
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