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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

It seems to me that there is a simple answer to the scare-mongerers who say
that electronic projection spells the end of film.

This is surely just a repeat of the argument of 30 years ago, when we were
told that video would replace film on television. It certainly has where it
is appropriate - can you imagine shooting news footage on film? - but it
has not for quality programming for the simple reason that film looks
better. I am sure that the producers of ER or Friends would save a lot of
money and time in post-production if they shot on video, but it would not
look the same.

And the same will apply in the movie world. Directors will continue to
shoot traditional movies on film because it is a better medium for telling
a story, for all the reasons that we have debated here before. Sure, in a
few years' time the producers of the next Bug's Life or Toy Story will not
bother with celluloid at any point, but can you imagine James Merchant
shooting on video?

Chris Adams suggested that there might be a single set of transfer data
with look-up tables for the various different viewing systems. I think that
contrast ratio is the biggest problem. For e-cinema projection you have to
be at least aiming for a contrast ratio of 1,000:1. That is a whole
different problem to the 50:1 or so that we put up with on television.


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