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Re: [A & B roll]

Michael --

Keeping track of 1/1.001 "by hand" means that when a network
orders a show and asks for 29.97 frame per second drop frame,
and a run time of, say, 45 minutes 20 seconds, (00:45:20:00),
we have to tell the editor who is working in 24.00 frame per
second non-drop to make it 45 minutes and 17 seconds.  (To be
precise, it would be 00:45:17:06, but almost nobody sweats
cutting things precisely to the frame for run time.)  It's
really that simple.  The only problem is making sure that the
communications work, and we don't get the "correction" made
more than once in the process:  The network wants 45:20, so
they tell the production company 45:17.  The production
company hears 45:17, and tells the associate producer 45:14.
The associate producer tells the editor 45:11, and the editor
knows that that means the show should be 45:08....  ;-)
(And probably the Avid will know better, and make it 45:05.)

To avoid that, we should simply give both sides of the
conversion every time we specify a run time: "45:20 drop,
45:17 non-drop".

As for digital sound, yes, it's a mess.  Since 48.000 is used
with 29,97, 48.048 gets used with 24.00.  I'm still archiving
on 2" 24 track analog with Dolby SR, which lets you digitize
either way.

As so often happens, I disagree with Mike Most on the volume
of 24 frame video usage in the future.  I'm telling everybody
here to not bother with HD video cameras until 24P  is ready,
and they're listening.  It looks like we'll never have any
1080i production at all.  Worldwide, more people watch 25 Hz
PAL and SECAM than watch NTSC, and film is 24 fps.  It's NTSC
that's the odd man out, with 29.97 Hz.  ATSC might have
perpetuated that oddball frame rate, but it's already clearly
a worldwide market failure.  Many foreign NTSC countries have
adopted the European DVB-T standard instead, and no non-NTSC
country has gone over to ATSC.  Sinclair Broadcasting, the
largest domestic station group, also wants to dump ATSC.  It's
starting to look like the PAL-M of the new millenium.  I hope
that 1080i will become the niche or obsolete format, and 1080p
will be the majority format for production.  Perhaps we'll see
1080p as the working format, and 1080i on the air, much as PAL
is used for working and converted to SECAM for broadcast.

-- J.S.

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