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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

>The challenge (and opprotunity!) for the people in this list is to be able
>to color correct and transfer media across many software "decoders", and
>challenge for facilities will be to automate it.  The number of formats in
>table 3 is a drop in the bucket: multiply that by the difference in gamma
>between Mac and Windows, projection, digital film printing, crt, lcd,
>plasma, progressive, interlaced, etc.   You thought that doing both NTSC
>PAL transfers was a pain!

The graphics folks have addressed these sorts of issues a long time ago.
The DPX file format, for example, contains, in its header, data fields for
the type of originating equipment, image standard followed, reference black
and white codes, transfer characteristics, colorimetric specifications and
all sorts of other fun bits.


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