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24P and Avid Editing (was A & B roll]

> anyone will have HDCams in their cutting rooms. This will require a 30 fps
> coded tape for Avids, with 3:2 pulldown. There has not been any issue with
> film accuracy on Avids (using dailies with 3:2 pulldown, Film Composer and
> cutting at 24 fps) for quite some time now, and on that issue I'm definitely
> from the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" school.


First let me say.  I am the National Sales Manager for Avid Australia.  I will
try and respond without "Marketing Hype" or Sales push......The description I
have layed out is very non specific and others who can call themselves NON
PARTISAN may wish to expand on the topic.  Please be tolerant if I get too
"Sales" I will try not to.

If any would like a clearer desription of the process then I can ask one of the
Avid US/UK experts to post on the Telecine Announce list at a later date.

Avid SHOWED 24P editing at NAB.  Avid has an editing solution which integrates
24P HD & PAL/NTSC output etc it is called Universal editing and is different to
the 24fps used today for film editing.  Currently they are marketing
(Deliverable Q4) an option called Universal (Which will be deliverable Q4 1999).
This will digitise 24P  at  1080.  The avid will be able to digitise offline low
res  at  24P and then cut at this resolution and once the edit is finalised then
the project is conformed  at  On line high res 24P.

Once the project has been conformed the Avid Symphony will be able to output
realtime in all the relevant formats.....24P  at  1080 ....(NTSC) 30FPS Interlaced
525 with 3:2 Pulldown.....(PAL) 25fps interlaced 625 using a 4.1% speed offset.

There are many on this list who would already be considering this as an option
who may want to comment further...


Rod Sommerich
Avid Australia

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