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Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

John Stewart says that electronic projection will succeed because it is
"good enough", and he is probably right. Can I offer two - probably
contradictory - further thoughts.

First, when was the last time you saw really good film projection in the
average movie house? I cannot claim to be an expert because I cannot bear
the cinema experience so I rarely go, but for us country dwellers we are
likely to get some fairly battered prints in our local theatres, with a
projectionist whose idea is focus does not always coincide with mine. On
that basis, I am not sure that today's celluloid technology is "good

The second point is a reflection on a conversation I had with a leading and
very well-known figure in the world of Hollywood facilities. His view,
talking to the big name cinematographers and directors, is that they will
only accept digital projection when you cannot tell the difference between
the digits and the celluloid. And that necessarily means retaining the film
look, grain and all.


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