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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

>The second point is a reflection on a conversation I had with a leading and
>very well-known figure in the world of Hollywood facilities. His view,
>talking to the big name cinematographers and directors, is that they will
>only accept digital projection when you cannot tell the difference between
>the digits and the celluloid. And that necessarily means retaining the film
>look, grain and all.
Once the majors figure out a way to get this really going, where there is
an electronic projector in most theaters, delivery is via tape or
satellite, and they don't have to make 2000 release prints, the desires of
the big name cinematographers and directors will be as meaningless as if
they now insisted that all projectors showing their work must be in focus. 

Digital projectors will become commonplace whether anyone will be able to
tell the difference between the digits and the celluloid or not because
financially it makes sense to the majors.  The big names may resist, but
finally they will accept them or they will stop getting work, simple as
that. Very little focuses the mind on what is important quite like sitting
on your ass for a year or two with no income. The money always wins in the


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