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How much rez is enough?(wasRe: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection)

>> they will
>>only accept digital projection when you cannot tell the difference between
>>the digits and the celluloid. And that necessarily means retaining the
>>look, grain and all.
> the desires of
>the big name cinematographers and directors will be as meaningless as if
>they now insisted that all projectors showing their work must be in focus.
All of this is true. Creatives won't be happy without things being like it
was, and money will win out.
The question I have, and I ask it of colorists, telecine manufacturers,
directors, producers and broadcasters, ( and I would ask the public too) is
how much resolution is enough?
If TPM looked good in essentially really good VGA projection, why are we
trying to rebuild the broadcast pipeline for HDTV? If 2K makes good enough
effects to be rendered to film, then why make a 4K telecine, graphics
station and film recorder?
If an electronic resolution got established as sufficient for human
perception , (at least in the marketplace of large display) then at least
one aspect of the technology heroin trade would be stabilized.
So what is level of resolution is enough?

I don't work for any of the vested interests, and I like the 40mb/frame of
film over all the electronic formats I have seen.

Patrick Gregston
The Picture Works
Patrick at pictureworks.net

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