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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

I have observed all four of the e-cinema demonstrations to date.  As I
commented earlier, the presentation of Perfect Husband (I hope I have that
title correct) was, I believe, the best test as it was a feature based on
artistic photography, low light and high contrast situations, and no CGI
gimmicks. Prior to viewing the e-cinema version I had seen the celluloid
version.  Not to rehash what has already been said, but the e-cinema version
compared very favorably to the film version. It was actually superior with
certain of the more demanding shots.

I found the information on the ancestry of release prints interesting.  I was
not aware that they led such a colorful life...  I certainly wouldn't want to
see one of the ones that was on its third foray.

Christopher Bacon wrote:

> 2.  The major public demonstrations of electronic projection to date have been
> with animations like "Tarzan" and "The Phantom Menace" (which was a cartoon in
> more ways than one, in my opinion).  Nobody is bragging about how well it holds
> up with nature and real-life shots where the cinematographers have been turned
> loose to really practice their craft!

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