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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection

Tom wrote:

> I have observed all four of the e-cinema demonstrations to date. <snip>
 Not to rehash what has already been said, but the e-cinema version
> compared very favorably to the film version. It was actually superior with
> certain of the more demanding shots.

Just to add my two cents.  I sure wish I knew where these sealed 
projection system theaters are that Christopher Bacon wrote about 
because I have not seen a truly clean projection of a major motion 
picture in some time.  To my observation as well,  while films 
imaging capabilities have been steadily improving over the years, it 
seems that print QC has been steadily declining.  The print I saw of 
"Eyes Wide Shut", even given the DP's exposure and developing 
tricks, was horrible.  Mismatched color between reels and filthy 
tape splices at reel changes among other problems. And this in a 
relatively new NYC multi-cinema with stadium seating  I think that 
the general public will enjoy seeing a film show that is always in 
focus, has no excessive gate weave, no track application stains, 
no timing bumps in the opticals, no scratches, no dirt, etc. etc.


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