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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection (seriously)

Pity the poor consumer:
Christopher et al bring up interesting points about the future of digital
projection, relevant to HDTV as well. Simply this: who's going to pay? If
e-cinema is visually superior to film, will the Great American Public front
the extra bucks to equip the cinema with the several hundred $k required
for such an installation? How much better the experience needs to be to
justify and increase in ticket prices remains to be seen.

After spending last Saturday night at the movies (went to see Sixth Sense -
good movie), and coughing up $8 per seat, I was left to ponder this point
in line for the theater. The print was OK, a couple of splices, but the
film "float" and weave were terrible. However, I found that as usual with a
good movie, the material was sufficiently compelling for me to forget all
about the film deficiencies, much to the relief of my wife.
In fact the major distraction was nothing to do with the projector or film,
it was an orange glow on either side of the screen caused by over-bright
"safety" step lamps. Here, a significant improvement could be made for
almost nothing.

Lets extend the argument again to HDTV. If we could truly deliver SD-DTV,
then I'll bet many people would not believe the extra increment to HDTV to
be worth the significant extra money. I harbor a profound suspicion that
it's only because companies like my lame-ass cable provider send out such a
sorry representation of NTSC that HD is really even an issue. Again: a
significant improvement could be made for a lot less $$$ than tooling up
for HD.

All opinions expressed are my own: I have quite enough opinions to go
around, and they are not beholden to any vested interests etc (but I did go
to the pub with Frank the data guy from Philips on Friday, and I am going
to the Philips "Engineering Dinner" (yeah right!) this evening over in
Burbank.) I also like to give Cintel equal time down at the pub as well.

Mike O

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