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Re: Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection (seriously)

On Mon, 23 Aug 1999 22:00:38 -0700, you wrote:
>> Most civilians who stumble into any post center showing a good 601
>>transfer on a good monitor in component mode believe they ARE watching HD.
>> HD is an ENORMOUS waste of money. It is being driven by the big
>> manufacturers' desire to sell all new gear to both us and the end user
>> (especially the end user).
>and then Mike Most wrote:
>>Wow, thanks Bob. And I thought I was the only one!
>One only has to watch a show shot on HD on a home monitor and compare
>against SD to appreciate the difference.  Even the best 601 looks like junk
That may be true if the show originates, is edited, and transmitted all at
the same rez, and people are willing to put out the thousands of dollars to
buy that home monitor and set top box, and put up an antenna, and live
within line of sight of the transmitter tower. But how often is that going
to happen in the next five years? 

In the meantime, you and I and many others are going to spend large dollars
on a ridiculous patchwork of endless boxes uprezing, downrezing,
siderezing, de-interlacing, interlacing, interfacing. Editing elements
coming in six different formats, audio sync nightmares, time code
nightmares, drop, non-drop, partial drop, different tape formats all with
their weird little peculiarities. Each and every time that lovely image is
squeezed through some box to change its format, it comes out the other end
looking worse than it did going in. Sometimes just a little worse,
sometimes quite a bit worse. But never better.

We are unable to agree on something as fundamental as how this stuff is
going to be squirted out over the air, and yet individual purchase orders
for many hundreds of thousands of dollars to feed the HD monster are being
signed as we speak. 

And what about non-film acquisition? Sony is seeding the production market
at a furious pace with 1080i gear, but is nudge-nudge-wink-wink whispering
that 24p is going to be the real standard, and saying they'll be able to
show that camera any day now. If it came out tomorrow, how would I record
it? Satellite it over to Laser Pacific?

I question the necessity for HD not because I think it's not a fine
evolutionary step (once we agree to a common format from beginning to
consumer end and stick with it), but because in the end the public has to
buy the sets and arrange to receive the signals somehow, and I don't
believe the public is going to buy into it *at all* (at least for the next
ten years). 

I think that for the vast majority of the public, HD's first run at
acceptance is going to be far too costly and involve way too much planning
and work on their end for them to consider it.   And if I'm right about
that, then this is an incredible amount of time and money to spend so we
can send pretty pictures to less than a thousand home sets out of the seven
or so million which are now in Los Angeles County (as an example of a major


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