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Digi_Cinema, more thoughts

I don't think I can go along with the statement that HDTV is not worth
the price or trouble. We have the opportunity to break out of the 525
(or 625) box we have been in for a long time. HD may get a rough start
(which new technology does'nt?) maybe rougher than predicted, but it
will show itself the winner in the long run because it gives us more
than 720 x 480!

There has been much talk in the past about how CRT displays have a short
time to live as newer display technologies emerge and win market
acceptance. What makes you think that DVD quality 525 video is going to
look better than HDTV on a 60" DLP projection system in your neighbor's
(because you can't afford it) living room? E-Cinema would not have
gotten this far without HD as a source; 50 ft theatrical screens don't
look very good with 720 pixels spread accross them.

The fact that TI and the DLP technology only uses 1280x 1024 to get the
results they are getting now only tells us what looks good at 1280
should look great at full HD 1920x 1080 (P please, refreshed at 72 hz!).

I do not think that consumer acceptance is going to stop HD from
happening, it may slow it down (alot!) but it will happen because it
makes to much sense to protect future markets, and, for crying out load,
it looks so much better than 525!

Ron Martin
Universal Studios

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