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RE: Digi_Cinema, more thoughts

I have to say that I also don't agree with the statement that HDTV isn't
worth the price.

As broadcaster (cablecasters too) if we aren't careful the computer industry
might just sneak up on us and spoil our little party.  The pipes are getting
bigger and the applications faster.  Who is to say that some little snotty
start-up internet company won't offer an "internet appliance" that will
allow you to watch what ever you want, in progressive scan, with the aspect
ratio it was originally shot in.  (yea, yea, I know, disk space and all
that.  Go talk to our friend Mr. Moore about his law and then do the math.
three or four years isn't that far off.)  If it has to do with the internet,
there will probably be a $4000. rebate for the appliance if you sign up for
X number years of service.

The internet is so successful because it has captured the imagination of the
public.  All that success is fueling an engine that so far has been
unstoppable.  Broadcasters have to provide an experience that is
incomparable to anything else, in order to remain competitive.  If
broadcasters don't move forward, and quickly, then someone else will move
past us.

Want to see hi-def, right now, today?  Look at your computer monitor!

Martin Banks

(Disclaimer:  I don't work for any manufacture or anybody offering rebates)

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