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Re: Digi_Cinema, more thoughts

Ron Martin <ron at dvcc.com> wrote:
> I do not think that consumer acceptance is going to stop HD from
> happening, it may slow it down (alot!) but it will happen because it
> makes to much sense to protect future markets, and, for crying out load,
> it looks so much better than 525!

Ron, if you are talking about the use of HD technology for theatrical
presentation, I agree in the sense that I believe that's where it belongs.
Not over the air, into the consumer's living room. Yes, it looks better. So
what? How many average viewers have ever seen 601 video on a studio monitor
(in other words, seen 601 at its best)? I agree that DTV is a great advance
that's in the consumer's interest -- that's Dtv, not HDtv. I also like 16:9
as a shooting frame. But let me put it this way: Everyone has a car.
Everyone's car gets them where they need to go. You can buy a Corolla for
about $14,000. Or you can buy a Mercedes S-class for about $80,000. How many
people ***need*** an $80,000 car? For the Corolla buyers, maybe they want to
move up to a 3 series BMW for about $28,000. That should be the choice --
DTV broadcast, improved reception, improved sound, possibly progressive scan
picture (480p), widescreen. What I don't understand is why we need to tell
everyone they have to throw away their Corolla and buy the Mercedes.

Mike Most

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