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Yet more Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection (seriously)

Larry Said:

>One only has to watch a show shot on HD on a home monitor and compare
>against SD to appreciate the difference.  Even the best 601 looks like junk

That may be true, but the point is that even the best delivered cable NTSC
looks like junk by comparison to a good 601 signal. Most people have never
experienced a good 601 signal delivered RGB to their home set. The sets
themselves are not of professional build standard (e.g. line width is not
stabilised against EHT variations), so I have to agree with Bob K. when he
says that visitors to 601 facilities often believe they are seeing HDTV.

What is at issue here is that once again, the distinction between DTV
(mandated by Congress) and HDTV (no mandate, as I understand it) has been
lost. No question HDTV looks magnificent, but if you saw true DTV  at 
720x486/576, would you be willing to pay the considerable extra $$$ for
what amounts to an aspect ratio change to most people.

Having said that, God knows this industry needs a shot in the arm. I hope
HDTV will fulfil that promise.....

Mike O

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