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Re: Digi_Cinema, more thoughts

Mike said:

>Call me crazy, but I would think that the experience that must be provided
>is programming that viewers want to watch, not an improved image on
>programming they're not interested in.
>Mike Most

Amen for that, from someone who moved from a country with 4 channels of
stuff you wanted to watch to 100 channels of stuff you didn't.

See my commments about getting engrossed in a movie, so that you forget the
technical shortcomings of the projection etc. Same when we went to see
"Titanic" at the DG theater... the projection and sound on that occasion
were superb, and the movie was in focus. Still, I didn't notice that some
of the "virtual actors" were floating about a foot above the deck. Some
nit-picker pointed this out to me later.

I did see an interesting programme on PBS on Sunday about some guy who ran
a glassblowing school up in Seattle, and was putting on exhibitions in
Venice, Ireland, Finland and Mexico. There was a little bug in the corner
which informed  us that the show was HD "where available". It would have
been nice to see in HD, but not $7000 worth of nice. Ditto Jay Leno.

Mike O

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