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Richard Terpilowski news, not good

I'm sorry to have to report that Richard's mother Sabina passed away early
Saturday AM shortly after being admitted to hospital, close to where they
live in England. This is particularly unfortunate, coming only a few months
after the death of Joe, Richard's father. I know you will join me in
sending condolences to Richard and his family.

Many people have been asking how RT is doing now. He has just started a
6-month program at the Brain Injury Rehab. Trust in Milton Keynes, England,
and is still very motivated and keen to improve. The therapists there have
him on a two-day per week computer course as part of the ongoing therapy, a
skill of which he still has a good command. He is understandably going to
take a week off from B.I.R.T., but when I spoke with him earlier today, he
emphasized his determination to see the program through, just as he had
promised his mother.

I've also been asked about the best way to contact Richard. He is a very
keen e-mail correspondent, and loves swapping jokes via the internet. He
can be reached via e-mail at rterps at aol.com.

Regards to all

Mike Orton

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