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Re: Yet more Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection (seriously)

>What is at issue here is that once again, the distinction between DTV
>(mandated by Congress) and HDTV (no mandate, as I understand it) has been
>lost. No question HDTV looks magnificent, but if you saw true DTV  at 
>720x486/576, would you be willing to pay the considerable extra $$$ for
>what amounts to an aspect ratio change to most people.
Exactly. What needs improving is not the number of pixels per line, but the
way the really fine 601 signals we're making now are being tortured before
being sent to the consumers. Proper 601 in component form sent to the end
user is what's required now. 

Then, in five or so years, once everyone is looking at 601component at
home, and people become accustomed to nice looking images, THEN you pull
back the curtain and reveal the next offering. Lookee here, folks, for a
set costing just twice what you're paying now, you could have the next
evolutionary step in fine images. It will be a slam dunk then. People will
be lining up at Circuit City.

>Having said that, God knows this industry needs a shot in the arm. I hope
>HDTV will fulfil that promise.....
Yes, things are tight. But the only benefit I can see to spending a fortune
(on what is pretty obviously a short term interim step) on new gear will go
to the people selling the gear, NOT the people buying it. Somehow I just
can't see how paying off Panasonic and Sony's R&D debt is going to help the
industry or the people working in it.


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