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Re: Yet more Consumer Reaction To Digi-Projection (seriously)

Bob wrote:

>Proper 601 in component form sent to the end
>user is what's required now.

I'll go you one better.  The right thing to do, since most
of the important stuff originates on film, is to undo 3-2
and de-interlace back to the original film frames, then
present them in progressive scan, tripled to 72Hz.  That's
the cost effective and immediately doable thing on a purely
technical level.  Of course, politics and economics prevent

As to what consumers think is HD, well, I have a 3/4" at my
parents' home, and a decent 19" monitor with a 90 degree
deflection tube.  The neighbors ask if that's HDTV.

-- J.S.

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