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Christie Purchases Electrohome

The Era of Film Technology companies trying to jump on the Electronic  bandwagon

continues as Christie  buys Electrohome.  Christie makes film projection
equipment such as the xenon light sources that can be used for both film
projectors and TI DLP Electronic projectors.  Below is the press release.

Bill Hogan, Sprocket Digital


Projection line now expands to digital electronic projectors and systems.
Cypress, CA -- August 23, 1999 -- Christie, Inc. a leading
manufacturer of theater projection equipment, has acquired
Electrohome Projection Systems of Electrohome Ltd.,
headquartered in Ontario, Canada. Electrohome Projection
Systems, established in 1979, with annual sales of C$120M,
is a leading developer of high performance projection solutions.
Their core business includes digital electronic projectors used
in command and control rooms, boardrooms, interactive training
facilities, flight simulators, concerts, ball games, major
events, and high-end home screening rooms.

A world leader in projection systems, Electrohome supplies
total solutions in visual communications to customers around the
world, specializing in large-screen data/graphics/video projection
systems and display wall systems. Over 20,000 Electrohome
projectors are installed in more than 50 countries. The 92-year-old
publicly held company has a manufacturing and assembly facility in
Kitchener, Ontario, and sales and service offices located in
California, Singapore, UK, Germany and Hong Kong.

After the merger of Electrohome Projection Systems,
Christie will have total revenues of over $140M (US), positioning
Christie in the forefront of the new age of digital projection. "Both
Christie and Electrohome have been witnesses, as well as contributors to
this century's evolution of the movie-going experience. Our
combined expertise and talented engineering staffs, working side by
side, will build digital cinema projectors that will launch the
industry into the next millennium," states Jack Kline, Executive Vice
President, Chief Operating Officer, Christie, Inc.

"For some time Christie has explored the potential of
electronic cinema and its ability to display consistent high-quality
images on the screen, beyond what is achievable with film. Cinema
projection technology is the critical piece of the puzzle in making
digital electronic motion pictures a reality," Kline noted.

Christie and Electrohome are a natural fit. Capable of
identifying both the technical and the business requirements essential
for the successful transition to electronic cinema, the
consolidation of the Electrohome Projection Systems Division within Christie
brings extraordinary strength to this evolving technology.

"The synergy of the two organizations will help to bring
maturity to digital projection in movie theaters and large format
venues worldwide," says Gerry Remers, President of Electrohome.
"The combination of Christie's proven manufacturing and
marketing resources, financial strength and management capabilities,
alongside Electrohome's sophisticated technology platforms
and strong brand name recognition in computer-generated
information, video and display wall solutions, will have a measurable
impact on the digital revolution," he added.

Founded in 1929, Christie, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary
of Ushio America, Inc. since 1992, is a leading manufacturer and
distributor of  theater projection equipment, including award-winning
gearless projectors, EPIC electronic film projectors, xenon
consoles, industry-standard AutowindŽ film handling systems, and
XeonoliteŽ bulbs. The company is located at 10550 Camden Drive,
Cypress CA 90630. Tel (714) 236-8610. Fax (714) 229-3185

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