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> << If anybody is getting a player, make sure it is region free, that way
>  can see all the top transfers on DVD  that have been done on a 'Spirit'.
> I was not aware that all the "top transfers" had been done on a Spirit.
> may come as a bit of a surprise to those of us who have been mastering on
> Cintel machines. Our old MK III HD machine(now retired, RIP) created some
> the best looking DVD's I've seen, and the C-Reality produces an image as
> as anything else out there.
> I'm not trying to start a fight, I just take exception to the idea that
> *anything* good must have come from a Spirit.
> >
It isn't that Flying spots are not any good for DVD's it is just that on
some of
the special edition R1 discs, the colourist and 'spirit' are credited on the
box.(See Boogie Nights/Blade) Giving
it a benchmark for quality. And I am sure that it will just be a matter of
time when we see'Transfered on a C-reality at xxx by Joe Bloggs." adorning
the back of the disc case as well.
 And yes just because it is done on a Spirit doesn't make it any good. It
will only be as
good as the source material, colourist skills etc. Noisy clapped-out
telecines whether tubes or chips are the enemy of  Mpeg-coding. Have a look
out at 'A Bugs life'  it dosn't involve a telecine at all-best pictures on
DVD so far.

>>'Scuse my ignoranace, but what the heck is a region free DVD machine??

A region 'free' player is a machine which has the regional zone protection
removed.(region1 North America, Europe Region 2 etc...) This is because
cinema releases are mostly staggered round the world. (This gets back to the
thread about e-cinema enabling world-wide simultaneous  releases) A zone
free player enables the user to have access to any title round the world. In
the UK we have around 400 titles, mostly back catalogue crap which have also
had the censors scissors all over them. In the States you guys have access
to over 4000 titles. they have better special editions better features
generally better source transfers. Imagine buying an audio CD that you could
only play in the country you bought it in. It sucks in general. Most owners
usually gets there player chipped and buys  their discs over the  internet.

Stuart Fyvie, BBC Post London

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