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Today's cynicism...
I think the only people that say they love or even like HD are those with a vested interest!  Distribution and monitoring systems and equipment are going to have to change DRASTICALLY before us image makers should even worry.  Grandma, Mom, and Uncle whomever are all going to have to care as much as some of us think we do.  The "cable"-people that may have to lay new "pipe" all over again with yet wider bandwidth are going to have to decide if it is worth it.  (They're going to at least have to decide if they will allocate the bandwith for high-res images if their existing "pipe" is adequate.)  601 never got home and if it had it probably would have gone through some Radio Shack piece-of-crap part and been viewed on a CRT of some sort/brand that the home viewer could have wacked out any old way anyway.  

Actually, I too really do hope we get a new system.  NTSC is bad; and in the post environment we've been working with a "higher-def" system (601 vs NTSC analog) for 7+ yrs. What ever the resolution turns out to be, I hope that what we colorists create actually gets home that way.  Let's figure out how we preserve our images' nuances including resolution or we'll just have DIFFERENT crap getting home or into the e-cinema via this new TV system than we have now.  

Also if we're going for all this detail and extra resolution we need to see it.  Don't compress it and, damn it, get the monitors to be BIGGER!!  Let's talk about bigger monitors please.  Production/post-production monitoring needs to match home... especially with "hi-def" coming in some form.

Greg Dildine
Finish - Boston

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