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Channel Blending

Martin Greenwood wrote:
> Inside this isolated area the following controls are available :- 
  > Lift gamma and gain, saturation and luminance. 
  > Blending one channel into another. 

Martin greenwood's mention of Channel Blending is the first I have seen in a
"main stream" Color Corrector.

Is there anyone  currently using this technique to reduce noise in the blue
channel (or any other channel)? And if so are the results worth the work? I am
not familiar with the Photoshop type color correcters, and first time I saw
this technique was working with Avid on there new color Corrector for the
Symphony System. I had trouble evaluating it's performance because I lacked
some really grainy footage to look at. But,I think it holds some interesting

Disclaimer: Yes I have taken money from Avid, but not to promote their

Jim Mann


Freelance Colorist

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