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Re: Technicolor and Digital Cinema, dye transfer

Thanks for your observations Bill.
How many of these prints will make it to the mass market cinemas? not just a
few on the west coast.

What percentage of these films will the world (not just Hollywood) see as
opposed to a normal print?
I believe this is a niche format just like Imax etc which is not what
E-Cinema is aiming at.

Maybe the UK will get them when they are all scratched and fit for the bin!

As we all know a good well projected print can look beautiful but this is
not what is happening out there in the real world, on the street, around the

70mm looks great but I don't see a cinema opening near my home town.

If the industry is serious about protecting and prolonging film usage for
release it would insist that Dye transfer prints or larger formats, ie
improvements were mandatory and projectionists were of a high quality

It seems to be geared towards quantity than quality.


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