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Re: His travels

At 06:48 AM 8/29/99 -0500, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
>On 1999-08-19 at 19:43, Martin Greenwood (martin at pandora-int.com) wrote:

>> Mega1 layer.
>> Six channel vector based colour corrector.

Martin, or anyone...
Is the six vector module now a part of mega 1?

>> Mega2 layers.

>> The isolation is built of a shape COMBINED with hue, saturation and
>> luminance before it is used.

Can you elaborate on this a bit. What do you mean by combined?

>> Finally and importantly all our stuff is in use now.

Just between the 1000 of us here. I've used the two top systems in a Spirit
environment, and I must say the Megadef is much farther along IMHO. The
system is stable, and all the features (six vector?) work as advertised.
I've personally flown six separate windows on a single scene with only a
few hours of training on the Megadef. I'm still waiting to make that claim
with daVinci's 2k. How many more times will I have to cower under the
clients number one question: "So...how many windows do you have on this

I speak for myself. I work for 4mc. I love racing sailboats.



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